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This bull has a very good scrotal circumfrence and was bred out of an exceptional motherline. He was used in …

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GEL11 53 1


GEL11-53 is a son of LES07-20, a bull that gave us excelent progeny. It is evident that this bull has …

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GEL11 54 2


This son of LES07-20 has exceptional balance and muscling, furthermore, this bull is masculine, has prominent back muscles and a …

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GEL11 63 51


This Stud bul is once again the son of LES07-20 with good back muscling , muscling, hump development and hind …

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GEL11 65 11


This is a must have! Everything is in place with this bull. Strong head and mussle. He has got width, …

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GEL11 66 1


The first thing one notice is the exceptional coat and muscling on this son of LES07-20. A very good topline, …

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GEL11 70 51


This bul has a masculine head and dewlap. Good muscling all over with good length and a good topside.

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GEL11 71 61


This is a bull that is very alert, always aware of his surroundings. This son of LES07-20 also shows good …

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GEL11 74 1


This is an exceptional son of SYF07-36, that we used in the herd. His mother has a very good ICP …

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GEL11 75 11


GEL11-75 is a bull with a good topside, good depth and breeding values. We used this bull on our commercial …

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