Feeding Guide For Bonsmara Cattle


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Feeding Guide For Bonsmara Cattle

We get a lot of facebook messages and emails asking us what we feed our cattle. This is one of the most complex questions to answer because unfortunately there is no standard recipe. Also, we try not to spoil our cattle with extra’s as our breeding objective is hardy, easy fleshing economic cattle. Instead of investing in lots of licks and feeds, we consulted with an expert in grazing. We are already reaping the fruits of this decision, as we can see the results in the condition of our veld, cattle and lick account. The diet of an animal that must produce optimal, yet economically, is a tricky business The basics is obvious.

  • Water
  • Fiber

The trick is in the rest

  • Protein
  • energy
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins.

Each ration depends on the following factors

  • Animals age
  • Sex of animal
  • Animal’s production stage
  • The goal with the animal (for example does it need fattening for the abattoir)
  • Your farm’s specific needs

The quality of the products going into the rations are very important and we work very close with Pieter Smith of Molatek to analyse our products to determine what is our cattle’s specific needs. Feel free to contact your nearest Molatek representative for advise.